Norton Coated Abrasive & Non-Woven Belts be it a narrow belt for a portable machine or a large wide belt for stainless steel coil or particle board or laminate finishing, High performance abrasive grain and bond systems make Norton belts ideal for applications from grinding, deburring and stock removal to sanding and finishing operations on a number of surfaces

Wide Belts

  • Norton offers a selection of wide sanding belts from stock manufactured with cloth and heavy paper backing to meet a variety of needs in the wood and metal working industries including intermediate sanding , planning & dimensioning slag grinding, machining & deburring

Portable Belts

  • Portable belts are ideal for metal and wood working applications. With the proprietary zirconia alumina grains, Norton portable belts give excellent cut-rate and its higher grain retention properties improve life significantly as well.

File Belts

  • Norton file belts are designed to perform on the most demanding, intricate shapes, profiles and materials. Best suited for variety of applications from spot weld removal and blending to surface preparation, clean-up and finishing. Good alternative to tedious hand filing and sanding.

Narrow Belts

  • Narrow belts are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to fit most backstand and benchstand grinders in a range of grits for most dimensioning, intermediate grinding and polishing applications across industries like Hand Tools, Auto Components, Aluminum Die-Castings, Sanitary Fitting, etc

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